Our Policies

At Sunshine Snacks we pride ourselves on providing the very best confectionary we can for everyone to enjoy; as such we are regularly updating our ingredients to reflect current dietary needs.

Our Halal Policy

Halal is Arabic for permissable or lawful in Islam. When talking about food, it also refers to the Islamic dietry standard, as prescribed in the Shari-ah (Islamic Law).

Sunshine Snacks strives to gain Halal approval on as many of our range of sweets as possible. When our products are labelled Halal you can be assured that they have undergone the most rigorous checks, including the raw materials used, the manufacturing and packaging processes and we also employ safety measures to prevent contamination.

It is our view that our products should be enjoyed by as many consumers as possible, as such Halal approval means that both customers who follow the Islamic religion and customers looking for products which are certified for their quality can be assured.

Sunshine Snacks do not manufacture products, we purchase them from seperate companies and repackage them under the Sunshine brand. Apart from our Goodie Bags all products packed in the Sunshine facilities under the Sunshine brand are 100% Halal.

If in doubt, look for the Halal symbol in the product description on our website:



Our Vegetarian Policy

Sunshine Snacks offers a wide range of Vegetarian products which are approved by the Vegetarian Society. This means that the ingredients have been checked to ensure that they are 100% meat-free.

If in doubt, look for the Vegetarian Society Symbol  in the product description on our website:

For more information about the Vegetarian Society, please visit their website





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